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Peringati World Water Day, Ini 10 Penyataan Eratnya Hubungan Air dan Pekerjaan

Peringati World Water Day, Ini 10 Penyataan Eratnya Hubungan Air dan Pekerjaan

Simak pernyataan para pekerja dari seluruh dunia mengenai kualitas air yang memengaruhi hasul pekerjaan mereka di segala bidang.  

Sejak tahun 1993, tanggal 22 Maret telah ditetapkan sebagai Hari Air Dunia (World Water Day). Ide ini terjadi ketika terselenggaranya United Nations Conference on Environment and Development di tahun 1992. Baru di tahun berikutnya ide tersebut mendapat tanggapan dari Komisi Umum PBB (United Nation General Assembly).

Pada tahun 2016 ini, UN Water Organization mengusung tema “Better Water, Better Job” sebagai upaya untuk menyadarkan masyarakat bahwa hampir seluruh pekerjaan di dunia bergantung pada air. Sayangnya, banyak yang belum mengetahui sehingga UN Water Organization ingin masyarakat dunia menyadari kondisi dan pentingnya air untuk kehidupan. Sebagai buktinya, inilah 10 pernyataan para pekerja di seluruh dunia tentang pentingnya air dalam berbagai sektor usaha.

“Water is vital to our working lives. At International Labour Organization (ILO) we use water from Lake Geneva to run our air conditioning. Water is Work.” - Guy Ryder Ketua ILO sekaligus Ketua Umum UN Water Organization.

“We consider the efficiency of water in producing crops and the virtual water embedded in trade. It is time now to think more about the influence of water investments on jobs and social stability.” - Jeremy Bird, Ketua Umum International Water Management Institute (IWMI).

“Water is as essential to poverty alleviation and livelihoods as it is to human dignity and health. We are working to empower vulnerable people, especially women and girls, in the Philippines through equitable access to safe water systems.” - Paloma Durán, Ketua UN Sustainable Development Goals Fund (SDGF).

“In every developing country I have visited, access to safe water is always on the top of the priority list of people I met, at all levels of society. Working for water makes me proud of serving one of the utmost shared human need globally.” - Anne-Cecile Vialle, Chief Field Office, UNICEF Myanmar.

“Without water, none of my work is possible, I believe it is part of every job, as it is part of us. We put together a piece to highlight the use of water in work across the world, expressing how it unites us all.” – Emma Fay, seniman.

“Drinking water is a simple way to increase our concentration while writing. It helps us to find many of great ideas so we can write better articles for our readers. It makes us realize that drinkable water is the most important thing not only for this job but also another jobs out there.” – GLITZMEDIA.CO.

“With my research team we aim to understand how the world can move towards more sustainable, efficient, and equitable water use. Recently we estimated what are maximum sustainable water footprints in river basins across the world, so that governments can avoid overallocation of water.” – Prof. Arjen Hoekstra, peneliti.

“I heard that thousands of children die everyday just because they don’t have access to water and sanitation.  In my job as a nanny, enough quantity and quality of water is really important to take good care of the baby. It’s hard to imagine having to think about how I spend every drop.” – Yasmina, pengasuh.

“We work in fashion which needs a lot of water – from growing fibre crops to dyeing fabrics and washing clothes. For us making more sustainable choices should be obvious because we all like fish in the sea and crops on the soil and people working in fair conditions,” – Lisa and Emma, karyawan di indurtri fashion.

“As owner of a Restaurant, sufficient and good water is key in my everyday life and work. As for many of  us, we can just go into our kitchens or bathrooms to get clean water from a tap. It’s crazy that girls are walking for 6 hours every day to get water for their basic needs. Could you image having to do that?” – Kajsa, pemilik restoran.
(Shilla Dipo, Images: Corbis,

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